Apartment Residents: Please Read the Freezing Weather Precautions

Winter Weather Precautions

As you are aware, we are currently experiencing extreme and unusual weather for our area.  We have compiled helpful information and precautions for you to read and implement immediately.

* Set the heater on at least 60-65 degrees and leave it on until threat of freeze is over.
* Leave all hot and cold interior faucets dripping.
* Leave cabinet doors under any sink open so warm air can circulate around pipes.
* Check with neighbors to make sure they are home and if not, please call the office so we can take care of their apartment.
* Stock up on food and water.
* Do not attempt to thaw out frozen pipes yourself.
* Please do not walk outside unless you are sure there is no ice on the ground.
* Watch for falling ice and snow from the roof tops.
* Do  not use dishwashers, washing machines etc. until you are certain the water and drain lines are thawed.
* Any damage to personal property will not be covered by Stoneridge Apartments insurance so, make sure your renter’s insurance policy and automobile policy is up-to-date.