Apartment Gifts for $25 or Less

Looking for a great gift for your favorite apartment denizen? Here are our favorite options for the 2014 holidays, designed to be both apartment-friendly and budget-friendly, too!


The top and bottom plates of the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker toast an English muffin while the middle cup cooks a perfect egg. Just add the toppings of your choice for a perfect breakfast sandwich on the go; healthier and less expensive than a daily fast-food breakfast, and all without taking up more than a few square inches of counter space. Available at Target for only $24.49!


Pour Over coffee is all the rage among bean fiends these days. Basically, a glass or plastic cone is mounted on top of a carafe and a paper or cloth filter is used to store the coffee in the filter. You boil water to the proper temperature then slowly pour the water over freshly ground coffee. LifeHacker calls this Clever Coffee Dripper one of their five best coffee makers, and it’s available on Amazon for only $22.


Is there anything in the world more fun and oddly satisfying than popping bubble wrap? What if you could do it every single day! This awesome poster-sized Bubble Calendar will keeping you popping throughout 2015 while also looking super cool on any apartment wall. Get one for only $24.99 at www.bubblecalendar.com.


Even in a small space, it’s tough to keep your stuff tidy. This little Classy Little Container keeps track of remote controls and small devices with the style of an art piece that your giftee will proudly display on a coffee table, available in black or red at the Museum of Modern Art website for only $20. We also adore these Magazine/file Sorters that look like SoHo Buildings, sure to class up any apartment book shelf.


Pinch Provisions makes Minimergency Kits for him, for her, for teachers, for moms and for special occasions. Each kit contains a variety of necessities (for example, the “for her” kit includes earring backs, double-stick tape, clear nail polish, a safety pin, hair spray, breath freshener, a stain removal pad and more) in a pretty pouch for only $16 at www.pinchprovisions.com.

It’s kind of like a Swiss Army knife, only instead of several different ways to cut yourself or open something, the Power Knife opens up to provide a lightning connector and a Micro USB port that will charge pretty much any mobile device, all in one handy little pocket-friendly package. Available via Brunton.com for $24.99.


We’re not kidding when we say that Cordies might just change your life. Imagine: no more fishing behind the night table for your phone charger or untangling power cords, USB chargers, phone chargers, audio cables, etc. $7.59 will get you five of the little beauties on Amazon. Give them to everyone you know and spread the joy of tangle-free connectivity to all.


Voluspa makes luxuriantly-scented coconut and wax blend candles, and their Maison Metallo line (around $18 each) in beautiful decorative tins are sure to be among your recipients’ very favorite gifts of the season. Shop direct at www.voluspa.com or search the site for retailers that carry the brand (including Anthropologie and Nordstrom) near you.


Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us!